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I am offering private saxophone lessons for students of all levels and ages with concentration in classical and jazz music. Please, use CONTACT page for any inquires.
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"I had the wonderful opportunity to study under Samir Kambarov for almost a full semester and it was a refreshing perspective. This is coming from a player with mild experience and no history of taking lessons on my instrument at the time. He has years of classical training and thorough experience playing various styles making him more than fit to fine tune your technique, style, and overall approach to the instrument. He has a way about himself that makes him very likable and kind, but will challenge you and make you subconsciously agree to get better without much strictness. He gives you information that would benefit you most, teaches you how to practice more effectively and efficiently, all while holding you to your end of the bargain and maintaining his side by being on top of his game. Most of all, he teaches you how to make music and how to find ways to develop your own unique sound. Samir is a great educator that loves what he does and I definitely recommend him as a great choice for private studies to further your musical journey!"


- Wesley T

"Samir is one of the best saxophone players and teachers I have ever worked with! He knows what he is talking about and can demonstrate it on the horn."

- Ahren Hess

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