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Reformed in January 2013, Louisville Jazz Workshop has been offering the opportunity for all students, regardless of age and experience, the chance to learn more about jazz, to improvise, to play with their peers and to receive professional instructions.

The program is designed in a special way that there is no limit in the material to be presented; everything depends on students and their abilities to absorb, process, and apply it. The majority of the class time is spent playing jazz music, learning how to interact and listening to each other. The students are introduced to the basics of jazz improvisation as well as some jazz theory and jazz history. Along with the developing of playing skills and theory knowledge, students learn some behavioral features and traditions in the 'jazz world.'

LJW is offered in Fall and Spring semesters. The length of the program is 12 weeks. At the beginning of each semester applicants have to come to the registration/audition (please, email me for more information about the dates). This event is designed to identify level and experience of every student in order to place the applicant in a right group. Accepted instruments include: trumpet, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trombone, guitar, piano, bass (upright & electric), drums, vibraphone, xylophone, violin, viola, cello, and voice. Rehearsals are held once a week in the School of Music building in room 311 and last for 1 hour. At the end of each 12-week session there is a recital that takes place in Bird Recital Hall.

The total cost of the 12-week workshop is $200.

the Contact Page

Samir Kambarov
Director of Louisville Jazz Workshop.

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