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KPA at Home

It was a different type of performance. Nobody is sitting in front of you and you are not on the stage. Instead, you are looking at your notebook, hooked up to mics and cords running across the home studio. You have your windows opened because you know that some of your neighbors are sitting outside and enjoying you performance. In addition to that, you know that you are streaming your performance all over the globe and people from different countries are all united as one audience that is listening and watching your concert.

This incredible experience was possible due to support from Kentucky Performing Arts and their series KPA at Home sponsored by Brown Forman. It was a great opportunity for Gyuli Kambarova and I to support the community in this unusual time. We played Gyuli's compositions for alto saxophone and piano. In addition to that, Gyuli performed a couple of piano solo pieces. One of them was entitled "The Altered World" that was a reflection on the time we currently live in.

I was an honor to be a part of the series and we hope to continue with livestream performances in the future.

This is a link to the performance.

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