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Performing at UofL Saxophone Sunday 2020

It was a long day yesterday at the University of Louisville School of Music where we held Saxophone Sunday 2020, an annual event that gathered saxophonists from the School of Music and Louisville are. The uniqueness of this workshop is that it covers classical and jazz music, looking at both from saxophone perspective.

I kicked off the day with masterclass on one of the most essential topics when it comes to jazz improvisation - Transcribing. I had some help from one of the students of the School of Music, wonderful saxophonist who plays in both styles, Ketelyn Blaszynski. She helped me demonstrate how to work on transcription and apply this knowledge to your own playing.

A couple of hours ofter this presentation I played a recital and was absolutely happy to share the stage with the best musicians in town - Gabe Evans (piano), Chris Fitzgerald (bass), and Mike Hyman (drums). I truly enjoyed this experience and hope to play with them again soon.

Videos are coming up...

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